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Well guys this server closed:(( it waz the best server!!! i will remember you blackbird :**



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My first Hellbound server!!! Pm Noroula its me!!

A greek server with many persons online everyday.



Xp rate = 5

Rate Sp = 8

Rate Drop Adena = 8

Rate Drop Spoil = 8

Patch Of This Server  HERE

Come here and press register to create account.

Come here and download HellBound Client!  HERE

Age Of Shadow

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At last this server opened:)) Its kamael now:))

This is a very good Kamael server.From this server you can take alot of good experiance.


Click Here to register:HERE

Xp Rate = 500

Rate Sp = 500

Rate Party Xp = 2

Rate Party Sp = 2

Rate Drop Adena = 1000

Rate Drop Spoil = 1

Enchant Rate 100%

Enchant max 65535

Patch Of This Server:

Add in host file!!!

The things about site.

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Here you can see patches videos images from many servers and some funny videos about L2.